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Michele Mendenhall

Welcome to Mrs. Mendenhall's 1st Grade

Web Page!


Please make sure that your child is here by 7:45 a.m. if they plan to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. Our cafeterial stops serving breakfast promptly at 7:55!


We hope you had a Happy Mother's Day and enjoyed our gifts!



The week of May 9th we will be continuing Unit 5, Week 6 in our reading series, with a story about Benjamin Franklin. Spelling words are words that have the prefixes re- or un-. We will have our pre-test on Wednesday and a final test onFriday. We have a new list of vocabulary words! In math we will be continuing our Rocket Math program, where we will have daily homework memorizing and practicing math facts at individual levels, and as we have finished our Saxon curriculum, we will be doing some other reviews and extensions of previously taught skills.





Unit 5, Week 6 Spelling Words


1. unhappy      2. refill     3. untie    4. undo     

5. repay       6. unkind      7. undress      8. retell       

9. reopen   10. refund    

bonus: 1. different*     2. carry*



Unit 5, Week 6 Vocabulary Words


brothers     child     cold     find     gold     hold     kind     mind     most     old     poor     post     rebuild     rebuilt     repaint     replanted     retie     retold     sold     told     unable     unbutton     unlock     unpacked     wild     

* denotes selection vocabulary





Daily Homework Assignments

Monday – Math Worksheets, Practice Rocket Math, Read AR Books, Study Spelling & Vocabulary Words

Tuesday – Math Worksheets, Practice Rocket Math, Read AR Books, Study Spelling & Vocabulary Words

Wednesday - Math Worksheets, Practice Rocket Math, Read AR Books, Study Spelling & Vocabulary Words

Thursday - Math Worksheets, Practice Rocket Math, Read AR books, Study Spelling & Vocabulary Words

Friday - Read AR and Practice Rocket Math




Parent Notes:

1. Thank you for sending in healthy snacks to help with our snack time!

2. School begins at 8:00 a.m. If your child is late, he/she will need to be signed in at the school office. With our new security system, you will need to be buzzed in at the front door.

3. Your child should have math homework almost every night. He/She also needs to practice spelling words and reading words nightly. Together, you should be reading his/her library book and returning it when your child is ready to test.




Visit the following website for your child to get extra practice with these lists of words: https://www.spellingcity.com/mlmendenhall









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