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The seventh grade language arts curriculum consists of three major units of study: reading, writing, and English/grammar/usage. Through their reading of both fiction and non-fiction, students will analyze stories and articles, apply the elements of literature, increase their vocabulary, identify figures of speech, and develop critical reading skills. While utilizing the writing process, students will create sentences, paragraphs, and compositions. Additionally, students will read, analyze, and write poetry. The students will study parts of speech and practice usage in their written work. The students will learn how to conduct basic research through the use of the school library, public library, and electronic media



The objectives are

  • to improve students’ writing abilities through the study of sentences and sentence patterns
  • to improve their grammar skills through the study of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, phrases, clauses,
  • to develop language – spoken and written
  • to study word history
  • to study and correctly use capitalization and punctuation
  • to spell correctly
  • to correctly diagram sentences
  • to use research skills


  • a computerized reading management program
  • 18 points are required for an "A" grade


  • Study skills class concentrates on improving students’ reading and thinking skills. Main areas of study include the following: Organization of materials, review skills, note-taking skills, test taking strategies, listening skills
  • Problem Solving/Thinking Skills


Seventh grade reading students will:

  • use context clues to decipher meaning in passages read
  • identify the main idea and supporting details in 7th grade level material
  • use a dictionary to learn and confirm word meanings
  • distinguish between fact and opinion
  • identify words and phrases that are causing comprehension difficulty
  • identify rising action, climax, falling action
  • identify:
  1. otheme
  2. opoint of view
  3. osetting
  4. oimagery
  5. oforeshadowing
  6. odiction
  7. odialect
  8. ofigurative language
  9. oconflict and resolution
  10. ocharacterization
  11. omood

7th GRADE WRITING: Students will be required to:

  • complete several narrative, expository, and persuasive pieces of writing.
  • Identify and use: alliteration, onomatopoeia, simile, metaphor, free verse, rhythm, rhyme
  • Write poems:
  1. oCouplet
  2. oTriplet
  3. oQuatrain
  4. oHaiku
  5. oTanka
  6. oDiamante
  7. oFree verse
  8. oBallad
  9. oConcrete
  • Write a 3-5 paragraph essay for a purpose
  • Write a response to literature
  • Write a response to a non-fiction article



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