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          1st-4th Hour: Hutsonville High School

                                  Hutsonville Website

          5th Hour: Spanish 1

          6th Hour: Spanish 2

          7th Hour: Spanish 1

          8th Hour: Spanish 2



Late Work

     Late work, unless excused, will automatically be worth 50% of the original score if turned in the day after it’s due. Since some points are awarded it is important to always turn in assignments. Unexcused absences will not receive any credit.

     If you know you are going to be absent (trip, family vacation…) it is imperative that you arrange to have your assignments turned in either before that day or turn them into my mailbox that day – not at the end of the day.


     You must use the language every day in the classroom.

     Ask questions, give answers – be involved!

Grading Scale

100 A+                                   

99-93 A

92-90 A-

88-89 B+

87 -83 B

82 – 80 B-

79-78 C+

77-73 C

72-70 C-

69-68 D+

67-63 D

62-60 D-

59 or below is an F


     Anyone found guilty of plagiarism will immediately have the assignment scored as 0 and sent to the principal for further disciplinary action.

     This includes writing a paragraph in English and use a translator either online or electronic.

Projects/Group Work

     Each group will be allowed to choose their partner(s), unless it becomes necessary for me to assign partners.

     At the end of each assessment you will conduct self-assessments of the contributions of each of your partners.


     There will be weekly homework assignments, ranging from worksheets to short answers to questions posed in class.

     There will also be assignments during class that will require completion by the end of the period – be prepared!

Journals/3-ring BindersMUST HAVE IN CLASS EVERYDAY

     Each student must have a 3-ring binder to store their papers (divided into handouts, notes, assignments)  in an orderly fashion. 

     Students must also have a notebook or looseleaf paper


Just a note – as I am in Hutsonville for the first half of the day, I will be only be at PHS in the afternoon. If you have any questions this would be the best time!




Some Candids :)

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