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Stuart Smith


Mr. Smith's Classroom Information Sheet                 Due Date:


To The Parents:

Our responsibility is to provide the best educational experience possible for your child. This is an important job and takes cooperation between us.

One of the most important things you can do is to ensure that your child understands that school is important to their future success. Please take an interest in what they are doing in my classes. Let them know that good school performance is their main job right now.



In regards to homework, we do most of ours in class. This is done for two primary reasons.

First, it allows me to verify that students are doing their own work. In-class homework also allows me to be present to answer questions and guide their work.

Because we do much of our work in class, your child may tell you, if asked, that they have no homework tonight. This may be technically true, but there is still work which they could do. For example, they could:

- read the material covered in the textbook today if applicable

- rewrite any notes they have taken so that they are more legible and organized

- study for any upcoming quizzes or tests (instead of waiting until the night before)

- sit down and briefly explain to you what we discussed in class today

As you can see, your child should have something to do almost every evening. Homework doesn't necessarily imply a written assignment due the next day. Homework is doing what is necessary to be a successful student.

Incidentally, if your child is contemplating college, the type of studying described above is a very useful habit to develop.


Classroom Rules:

1. Be in your assigned seat and ready to work when the bell rings. I will dismiss you from class at the end of the period when the bell rings. Stay in your seat unless you are given permission to leave it.

2. Remain in the classroom for the entire period unless you have permission to leave.

3. Bring your textbook, notebook/folder, paper, pencil, and other required materials to class everyday. You will not be allowed to return to your locker to get something that you forgot. If given time to work on homework, do not read a library book, magazine, or work on another subject without specific permission.

4. You MUST have a folder for notes, handouts, and homework. Please keep your folder neat and organized. I will check your folder periodically and grade as an assignment. Do not keep papers in your book.

5. Complete all assignments on time.

6. Treat yourself and others with respect. Use appropriate language.

7. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Don't distract other members of the class.

8. Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.

9. No food or drink is allowed, except with specific permission.

10. Keep your work area clean. Do not litter or write in textbooks or on desks.


Grading Scale:

100-93% A 92-90% A- 89-87% B+ 86-83% B

82-80% B- 79-77% C+ 76-73% C 72-70% C-

69-67% D+ 66-63% D 62-60% D- 59-0% F


Additional Information:

Please keep this sheet in your folder for the year. If you bring it back signed by you and your parent/guardian by the due date, you will receive five extra credit points.



 I have read and understand the classroom information sheet.

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Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________ Date: ___________________



Palestine High School 2017-2018

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